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You don't even need to have any professional programming or designing skills.

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Exclusive Templates with Amazing Design

Our best designers are constantly working on the new templates to provide the best ready-to-use solutions for your website or blog. Using our templates you can easily create outstanding banners in minutes. Simply replace images and text on the template and it's ready to be intergrated with your website.

Easy-To-Use Online Animation Maker

HTML5MAKER Online Editor supports all popular text filters so you don't need to use Photoshop to create cool looking text. We provide you with a great collection of images that can be used in your project as well as manipulaiting its properties and creating amazing instagram-like effects. You can create amazing animation that supports transitions and easing and of course the timeline will give you a full control of your animation.

Everything is stored on the Cloud, Embed & Share Animation

When you sign up for an account on html5maker.com you get an ability to store your banners on the cloud. That means you can be sure that your banners are always safe and it can be edited at anytime from anywhere. It takes just one line of HTML code to embed a banner from the cloud on your website/blog.

How Does It Work ?

Just 3 Simple Steps will produce Amazing Results


Choose Templates or Start From Scratch

Beautiful Collections of Exclusive Templates with High Quality Design is made Particularly to Save Your Time achieving the Maximum Results.

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Create Or Edit Using Free Animation Maker

Easy to Use Online Editor with Intuitive User Interface and Exciting Transition Effects. Take advantage of our Image Gallery. Apply Filters and Effects on the images.

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Save on the Cloud,
Embed And Share

Save and Edit Animations Anytime from Anywhere! Embed your Animation on Websites or Share it on your Favorite Social Networks.

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Amazing Features

You'll surely like the features that we provide.

  • Responsive Animations

    Animations with Responsive Support that will work on all devices with different screens.

  • Website Sliders

    Make your website more Attractive and Intuitive using the Excellent Slider.

  • Banners

    Create Banners for Ad Campaigns. Promote yourself to Potential Customers using Banners on your website.

  • Presentations

    Explain your Ideas to your clients Clearly through Interesting Presentations.

  • Templates

    Popular Categories of Amazing Templates with Professional High Quality Design.

  • Library

    Absolutely Great Bank of Icons, Buttons, Arrows, Photos, Backgrounds, Ribbons and other.

  • Embed and Share

    Easily Embed Created Animations in your Website or Blog directly from the Cloud.

  • Cloud

    Edit and Download Anytime. Share as a Template with your Customers, Teammates and friends.

  • Online Application

    Powerful Animation Maker for Beginners and Professionals.

  • Transition Effects

    Excellent Transition Effects make your Animations Attractive and Noticeable.

  • Photo Editor

    Change Image Size, Adjust Contrast, Add Filters and more to Create your own Unique Images.

  • HTML5 / JavaScript / Flash

    Only Best Advanced Technologies. Equally Brilliant on Mac / PC / iPhone / iPad / Android.

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